Aurora features for both users and programmers

Aurora Features

The Aurora reporting solution for QAD MFG/Pro and Progress OpenEdge gives users and programmers the features they need to create and use reports like never before!

Easily view the detail behind the summary data. Aurora allows you to create links with additional reports to navigate through the data intelligently and swiftly.
We all know that databases change, rules change and priorities change. These changes can impact every single report on the system. Imagine the difference with Aurora where you only need to change the data source and that change is automatically incorporated into all related reports.
I.T. has fewer reports to control and maintain from one upgrade to the next
Fewer reports to maintain
Fewer reports to upgrade when there is a system upgrade
Less auditing to do
Ultimately IT is only responsible for the data sources and does not have to concern themselves with the myriad of reports the end users have developed.
Normal direct access tools, when given to users, can slow down database servers with inefficient queries.
Improper user queries may also return an incorrect result set since users don't have the training or experience with the Progress database and 4GL code.
Aurora allows users to reach the real data, but reach it via data sources that you create or reuse from existing 4GL code. This allows you to enforce business rules and business logic.
Since the data sources are actually 4GL queries, the business logic and rules can remain in force even though the user has database-like access.
Users get the ability to look "directly" at data while still going through programmer-built queries where business logic and business rules are in place.
It eliminates the fear of users making incorrect joins or bad queries to the database impacting the quality of the system.

Aurora allows the complexity of the actual Progress database to be hidden from the users.

Users with a simpler, easier-to-understand data source can create and modify their own reports without burdening I.T.

No need for users to learn complex table names and labels. They can use simple user friendly views of the data.

You can create dashboards using the report elements in Aurora and email these dashboards to key users for real time decision making.
You can add graphs directly to your reports. Users can take the same graphs and create their own style.
OLAP views of the data can be customized and distributed to users.
Users can create report groups by any field without I.T. having to alter the program or write a new report.
Aurora is a powerful tool which enables users to create their own special views and save those views for future use. Every facet of the grid can be made unique.
Pricing based on how the product is used.
Three different user classes.
Cost minimized by buying only how much you need.
Email reports directly from Aurora. No more need to save and email, simply get the data you need and send it to the people who need it.
Batching mechanism built-in. Yes, users can create their own batch deciding who gets it and in what format.
No install required on the client
The ability to export data to Microsoft Excel. Users can export any report in any format to excel at anytime. If they would only like to use Excel they have scheduled reports emailed to themselves in Excel and work directly with Excel.
The ability to merge data from multiple sources is a powerful tool if you have data in multiple data sources. For example your production data is one database but you have CRM data in another database you can display all of the data in one single Aurora report.
The flexibility to customize and save report views for every user from a single template. Each user can make reports their own by removing and adding columns at their discretion (No impact to report performance). Since the data source is fully vetted by someone who knows the database the users can do anything without causing trouble. We like to say "Adhoc reporting with a safety net"
You can restrict the users' access to data at many different levels. You can restrict access to certain reports or data within the reports. The Aurora security framework easily controls the data and reports that users can see.
You can make the existing 4GL reports look modern and instantly embed "new" features like pivot tables and filtering. Since Aurora uses 4GL there is no need to write any new queries, you can bring all of your existing logic into Aurora and nearly instantly have the modern reports that your users are looking for.
Users can safely explore the Progress data without involving I.T. This is ensured by the use of data sources which put together the joins and views necessary for the users. People who know nothing about the database structure can enjoy access like they have never had before on a daily basis.
Your costs are lower and more affordable with monthly leasing plans for unlimited licenses and support
You can now use .NET to create reports from Progress applications and the Progress ABL. Take advantage of the the newest technologies now without upgrading your entire application

You can create just one data sources and then generate an unlimited number of reports from that data source.

Programmers can re-use that data source to make new reports for users.

Users can make their own reports, at will and ad hoc, without burdening programmer resources

You can use your existing Progress 4GL or OpenEdge ABL queries to drive the data behind Aurora reports. The minute you open an Aurora data source you will be comforted to see familiar Progress code. Simply copy and paste your code from your application to ours and within minutes you can have a new datasource available to your users.