CornerStar Finance Intelligence™ delivers the timely insight you need

Sound financial analysis is the key ingredient of effective business strategy. It tempers goals and objectives, redefines standard operating procedures and optimizes allocation of resources. Financial leadership pivots on the ability to control the mix of key business indicators and provide forward strategic vision grounded in reliable financial history. Most important, it requires getting financial information into the hands of those with ultimate budget responsibility—quickly and often enough to eliminate month end surprises.

Get the information you need to plan effectively

Timely access to useful information can make or break the performance of your management team. Give them the tools they need to align with corporate goals. CornerStar delivers instant access to key indicators like:

  • Profit Margin Contribution: Which entities are contributing the most profit margin, in what time frame, by what business unit and which product lines?
  • Plan vs. Actual: Are you on plan for the month, quarter, YTD? Where are the variances? Are they a trend or an anomaly?
  • Expense Analysis: What are the operating expense drivers by cost center, department, account, supplier?
  • Ratios: How is Return on Net Capital Employed vs. the Cost of Capital trending? How is Net Change in Working Capital by division, business unit, entity trending? Who's providing and who's using cash?
  • Detailed Variance Analysis: What are the factors driving manufacturing and purchasing variances? Are they trends? How long has it been happening? Did corrective action work?

Know more with less effort

We think getting the information you need should be the easiest part of your job:

  • Create financials by any combination and roll-up imaginable
  • Bucket by Current Period, Quarter-to-Date, Year-to-Date, Prior Month
  • Compare Year-over-Year, Quarter-over-Quarter, Period-over-Period
  • Analyze results down to transaction level without altering your chart of accounts
  • Report by corporate currency or local currency
  • View actual project costs with detailed transactions available
  • Perform planning and analysis on multiple budget sets
  • Prepare reports from one system without rekeying into spreadsheets
  • Drill into detail with enhanced sub-ledger information
  • Reconcile back to Source Systems