CornerStar Inventory Intelligence™ delivers the insight you've been missing

The largest dollar entry on the balance sheet for most companies is the on-hand inventory. The business potential of this cash investment is enormous. Too large an investment locks up cash that could be used to capitalize on new opportunity. Too small an investment leads to lost orders, competitive disadvantage and customer dissatisfaction. Finding the right balance ensures each dollar in inventory is an investment with satisfactory return. Analysis is the roadmap to the inventory sweet spot.

Gain profit-building insight into your inventory performance

CornerStar gives you instant answers to key business indicators:

  • Days on Hand Analysis: Which items, groups, product lines, buyers/planners, suppliers include the most and least productive inventory?
  • Scrap Analysis: What areas are causing quality problems or material variance costs?
  • Inventory Trends: Which inventory groupings are improving and which are not? How has Inventory trended compared to Sales? What have been the results of initiatives to address inventory issues?
  • Inventory Turns: What do inventory turns look like? Are you meeting your goals? What's causing the problem?
  • Inventory As Of Date: What was my inventory value, usage and performance last month, last quarter, or last year?
  • Inventory Accuracy: How accurate are your stated inventories? What's causing the errors? Is accuracy improving over time?
  • Inventory Movement Analysis: How many times is a part handled? How many parts are passing through a location?

Know more with less effort

CornerStar thinks getting the information you need should be the easiest part of your job:

  • View trends by Items, Locations, Distribution Centers, Sites, Entities
  • Optimize inventory with Days on Hand measures considering both projected and historical usage
  • Analyze by either fiscal periods or operational periods (e.g. week)
  • Sort by Product Families, Lines, Items and other item attributes
  • Use historical periods and pre-calculated totals to compare inventory levels, usage, days on hand or accuracy
  • View inventory accuracies by Item, Location, Operator, Sites
  • View inventory in plant's currency and corporate (parent) currency
  • Consolidate information from many databases and Source Systems
  • View consolidated world-wide inventory in one database
  • Reconcile back to Source Systems