Meet CornerStar Data Warehouse

Not all Business Intelligence is equal. The CornerStar Data Warehouse is focused exclusively on manufacturing companies using MFG/PRO.

Concentrated information in the right amount of detail, organized for the business user, is the way you envision Business Intelligence. Accessible and accurate analysis that offers real insight into the trends. The ability to drill to detail when you need to. With CornerStar's integrated Data Mart model, insight will transform the way you work.

The reality is that Business Intelligence is about making the complex appear simple.That is easy to say but harder to do so that is why we created the CornerStar Data Warehouse as provides that framework for simple reporting.

Business Intelligence by CornerStar

A practical framework of Data Marts designed to give your business the information without the overhead. Click below for more information about each of the CornerStar Data Marts: