CornerStar Purchasing Intelligence™ gives you the control you've been missing

Purchasing is the control point for all the materials and outside processing used in manufacturing. With visibility, purchasing has the first opportunity to contain costs, control cash and contribute to corporate profitability. With the right information in the hands of buyers and suppliers, improvements in performance are possible. With clear and concise purchasing intelligence you can enhance your visibility of the big picture and strengthen your control of the purchasing process. What gets measured, gets done.

Gain added controls and big picture insights

CornerStar gives you instant answers to the key purchasing indicators necessary for your business's profitability, growth and productivity:

  • Supplier Performance: Which suppliers are meeting their commitments for delivery of quality materials? Which are not?
  • Price and Quality Analysis: Which buyers are contributing to material cost reduction initiatives? Which suppliers are working with you to keep costs low? Is quality suffering as a result?
  • Supplier Spend and Ranking: With which suppliers are you doing the most business? Is the level of business with each supplier exceeding or falling short of expectations?
  • Purchase Price Variance: Which purchases are causing the largest variances from standard? What are the reasons for the variances?
  • Buyer Statistics: How many PO lines is each buyer managing at a given time? How much dollar volume does each control?

Know more with less effort

CornerStar thinks getting the information you need should be the easiest part of your job:

  • View trends by Suppliers, Buyers, Items, Sites, Entities
  • Monitor, interpret and act upon changes in supplier performance
  • Collaborate with suppliers to improve performance and strengthen your relationship
  • Analyze performance by PO Line, with supporting details on receipts and returns
  • Analyze purchase price variances
  • Gain a global view of purchases to enhance your leverage
  • Filter and sort by Product Families, Lines, Items and other item attributes
  • View purchases in plant's currency and corporate (parent) currency
  • Consolidate information from many databases and source systems
  • Reconcile back to Source Systems
  • Combine with CornerStar Inventory Intelligence for even better visibility and control over the purchasing process