CornerStar Manufacturing Intelligence™ pinpoints opportunity

Maintaining competitive advantage requires a constant eye towards improving the manufacturing process. Cost and cycle time reductions, quality improvements and enhanced productivity can increase profitability and customer satisfaction. The foundation for improvement is information. Timely, accurate information provides valuable insight on trends and clear focus on significant events. Manufacturing leadership starts with continuous improvement in your information factory.

Modernize your Information Factory

CornerStar gives you instant answers to the key manufacturing indicators you need to optimize operations:

  • Scrap, Reject and Yield Analysis: Which work centers are causing yield variances? Can you find the problem areas before they cost even more?
  • Productivity Analysis: Which work centers are most productive? Least productive? Which employees? Are some item/work center combinations more efficient than others? Why?
  • Work Order Variance Analysis: Which plants, items and processes are causing the largest variance from standards, both favorable and unfavorable? Are the standards set appropriately?
  • Work Order Cycle Time: How long does it take to complete and close work orders? Where are the opportunities to shorten Cycle times and increase throughput?
  • Performance to Schedule: Do you know where the weaknesses are in accomplishing your plan? Can you analyze both repetitive and discrete orders in a single view? Which items, sites, departments, work centers and planners are meeting their commitments and satisfying requirements?

Know more with less effort

CornerStar thinks getting the information you need should be the easiest part
of your job:

  • View both repetitive and discrete work order data in a consolidated analysis
  • View trends by Plant, Work Center, Department, Employee, and Item
  • Analyze by either fiscal periods or operational periods (e.g. week)
  • Gain a global view of manufacturing operations
  • Filter and sort by Product Families, Lines, Group and other item attributes
  • Consolidate information from many databases and source systems
  • View information in plant's currency and corporate (parent) currency
  • Monitor, interpret and act upon changes in productivity
  • Reconcile back to Source Systems
  • Combine with CornerStar Inventory Intelligence for even better visibility and control over the manufacturing process