CornerStar's goal is to provide the most rapid return on investment possible. Our 5 phase process provides results in as little as two weeks.

  • Data Warehouse implementation
  • QAD Business Intelligence implementation

Implementation Process

CornerStar's goal is to provide the most rapid return on your investment possible. Our 5 phase process provides initial results in as little as two weeks.

Phase One—The Interview

Our process begins with defining your objectives through analysis of your needs. What problems do you face? What works well? What doesn't? What does reporting look like today? What could it look like tomorrow? Do you have a reporting tool that works? What do your managers feel would help them do a better job?

Phase Two—Building the Foundation

While each company and each industry is certainly unique, most share certain common needs: Financial statements, sales forecasts, on-line analysis and graphing capabilities. This common ground forms the basis for the CornerStar pre-packaged Data Warehouse. Phase two of the CornerStar process is the installation of this baseline foundation containing 80% of the requirements common to most companies.

Phase Three—Refining Need

With a strong foundation in place, you will be able to see real world examples of what the CornerStar solution can do. Your data will come to life in ways that were unclear during the initial needs analysis interview. Phase three is an opportunity to refine your needs based on real world examples that almost always spark new ideas in excited managers.

Phase Four—Building on the Foundation

The flexible CornerStar pre-packaged Data Warehouse provides 80% of the business requirements common to most companies. CornerStar experts then combine technical knowledge, business analysis skills and practical experience gleaned from working with some of the world's largest companies to create additional Business Intelligence solutions tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of your business.

Phase Five—Training & Support

CornerStar is all about flexibility and customization. The same standards apply in our training and support. If you'd like your internal IS staff to maintain, customize and grow your new Data Warehouse, we will provide knowledge transfer consulting. In contrast, if your IS team is overextended, we can provide total support with a combination of on-site consulting and remote access support from our office in Portland, Oregon.

But perhaps the most exciting feature of the CornerStar support program is the training we provide to your staff in self-serve reporting. The essence of the CornerStar model is simplicity and language that makes sense to non-technical personnel. With very little training your staff will be able to format and print their own reports, perform ad-hoc queries and be more responsive to customers.