Aurora reporting solution for Progress 4GL and OpenEdge ABL
  • Make the schema easy for users
  • Users customize the reports you give them
  • Native data access and speed


Aurora - a modern reporting solution for Progress OpenEdge

Aurora is the reporting solution designed for small and mid-sized companies to get the information they need to improve operations from Progress and OpenEdge based applications.

  • Modern reporting formatting and features
  • Easy to use, easy to customize
  • Designed to work natively with Progress 4GL and OpenEdge ABL applications
  • Priced for small and mid-sized companies

You know the Progress database is fast and robust and the applications built on it are rock solid, but you also know the tools to make reports look and feel up-to-date are expensive and hard to install. Well, we've changed all that with Aurora!

For a fraction of the cost of larger solutions, you can connect Aurora to your OpenEdge database, your existing reports and existing queries. Now you can easily create reports with all the latest formatting, graphics and features. These reports can even be customized further by individual users.

  • Easy to create reports and hide schema complexity
  • Users can customize and personalize their own reports
  • Data access remains secure and fast

I.T. departments will save time by creating or converting a few reports then letting the users take over changing the sort order, choosing and reformatting columns, and exporting the results to office applications.

Users will explore data safely, eliminate the wait on scarce I.T. resources, and get to the data they need to make operations really hum.

Executives will be empowered with drill downs, pivots and crosstabs they can use themselves. And now dashboards and charts can be created easily, connected directly to live data, and suddenly the entire operations system comes alive and helps you go where you've always wanted to go.