• CornerStar's data mart for QAD Purchasing

    Purchasing is the control point for all the materials and outside processing used in manufacturing. It is the first opportunity to contain cost, control cash and contribute to profitability. CornerStar Purchasing Intelligence delivers added control and big picture insight.

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  • CornerStar's data mart for QAD Inventory

    The largest dollar entry on the balance sheet for most companies is the on-hand inventory. The business potential of this cash investment is enormous. CornerStar Inventory Intelligence delivers the profit-building insight you need.


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  • CornerStar's data mart for QAD Manufacturing

    Competitive advantage requires constant manufacturing process improvement. Cost and cycle time reductions, quality improvements and enhanced productivity increase profitability and customer satisfaction. CornerStar Manufacturing Intelligence will modernize your information factory.


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  • CornerStar's data mart for QAD Finance

    Sound financial analysis is key to effective business strategy. Management must have timely access to information. CornerStar Finance Intelligence delivers the right information to the right people.

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  • CornerStar's data mart for QAD Sales

    Focus in sales is critical. Competitive advantage hinges on uncovering opportunity and moving quickly to exploit it. CornerStar Sales Intelligence provides the focus to
    increase sales and competitive advantage.

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See CornerStar data marts and business intelligence for QAD


Consolidating globally dispersed financial information

Using CornerStar Business Intelligence to analyze Service contracts improved profitability and margins.


Integrating 'foreign' costing information and providing full gross-margin reporting

Multiple legal entities with different functional currencies challenged the business reporting system at this MFG/PRO manufacturing site. CornerStar Business Intelligence transformed the way they access their information.


Reconciling sub ledgers to GL and Tracking revenue adjustments on lowest detail level

CornerStar's Revenue Adjustment Models ensures Sales Analytics data ties out to the financial statements.


Removing burden of disparate spreadsheets

Integrating the disparate royalty system with CornerStar Sales and Finance offers an accurate look at cost data.


Speeding up information gathering and analysis

CornerStar Consulting offers this global customer the opportunity to manage their highly variable and dispersed demand. Integrated CornerStar Data Marts track and report on data at multiple levels and across multiple dimensions.


Simplifying access to complex data

Multiple disparate spreadsheets frustrated and overwhelmed users and analysts. CornerStar Business Intelligence offered daily refreshes of expense reports.

Service Unit support with CornerStar business intelligence data marts

Crucial Business Intelligence support for services units

Integrating Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay with CornerStar Business Intelligence provided the daily drill-downs and queries.


World Wide reporting of operational data

Eight hours printing Financial reports were reduced using CornerStar Finance.



Consolidating data across the world challenged this global manufacturer until they implemented CornerStar Business Intelligence. A global information revolution.

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Chardon Rubber

Chardon Rubber

The lack of decision-oriented information led this privately-held manufacturer to look for a Business Intelligence solution that didn't cost a fortune and didn't take a year to implement.

Download and read the case study PDF

What made it all work? Read more in this PDF

Since CornerStar was implemented, the way users think about their data has been transformed. They no longer have to scan through pages of reports and their attention is focused immediately on problem areas.

John Weber, Treasurer, Chardon Rubber

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